How to Reduce Property Taxes

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Property Tax Appeals

Property taxes are not most property owners’ favorite part of owning real property. Property owners expect that they will pay tax on their properties, but they also expect that the amount of tax they are assessed will be calculated fairly. Unfortunately, properties are not always assessed properly, and the resulting tax bills can seem rather unfair. Fortunately, property owners can obtain relief from property taxes that are too high by going through the property tax appeals process. This process however, can be complicated, and the property owners who obtain the most favorable results from it are often the ones who are represented by attorneys that are uniquely qualified at handling property tax matters.

Attorney Shawn G. Jappaya of Jappaya Law, PLC has helped clients throughout Michigan navigate the property tax appeals process. Specifically, he has assisted many homeowners and business owners in reducing their tax bills on residential and business properties. His experience as an attorney and as a CPA enables him to provide his clients with the most comprehensive guidance throughout the property tax appeals process.

The Property Tax Appeals Process

Every year in February, Michigan property owners receive a notice of their annual assessment, which contains details of the property’s value, including its taxable value. Property taxes are calculated based upon these assessments, so it is essential that they be fair and accurate. While assessments are often fair and accurate, there are many instances where property owners receive assessments resulting in a sizeable and arguably unfair tax bill.

Property owners who feel as though they have received an assessment that is too high may file a property tax appeal. There are different timelines for the appeals process for residential property owners and those who own business properties, so it is essential that you know which deadlines apply to you. For example, owners of residential property have just ten days from the date that they receive notice of their assessment to file an appeal with the local Board of Review.

Property owners often find it advantageous to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable property tax appeals attorney during the appeals process. From the first step of filing your appeal to the next steps of negotiation pre-hearing, hearing, Attorney Shawn G. Jappaya of Jappaya Law, PLC can help you understand the appeals process and pursue a course of action that may result in a better assessment and a fairer tax bill.

Negotiating a property tax appeal takes time, and time is something that many property owners lack, due to their busy schedules. Working with a property tax appeals attorney like Shawn G. Jappaya means that while you work to keep your tax payments current in order to avoid forfeiture, your attorney will work towards obtaining the results that you deserve by contacting the appropriate representatives and discussing possible ways to resolve your appeal.

Sometimes, the negotiation process does not produce a result that is acceptable to a property tax appeal client. When this happens, Attorney Shawn G. Jappaya can take your appeal through the pre-hearing process and on to the property tax appeal hearing, where he will vigorously represent you and your interests. The hearing is your chance to testify regarding the unique aspects of your property that affect its value, and, with the aid of your attorney, to present information from an appraiser who has looked at your property and has formed an opinion of its value.

Jappaya Law, PLC: Where Each Client is Treated as if They are The Only Client

Each property tax appeal client has unique needs, and the goal of Jappaya Law, PLC is to take care of those needs, whatever they may be. Whether you are appealing the taxes on your primary residence, an apartment building, your business property, or some other type of property, we are here to help you pursue a satisfactory resolution of your property tax appeal. Call Jappaya Law, PLC today, at (248) 626-6800, to schedule a consultation.

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